(Rules are Subject to Change)

  1. Truck Pull Registration closes at 11am on Saturday. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Trucks must line up in designated areas and return after pulling, this helps us to find you when we need you to re-pull or if we have questions.
  3. 1 truck entry per 1 class only
  4. Any additional weight added to your truck automatically qualifies you in the open class.
  5. Any visible modifications added to enhance performance will qualify you in the open class
  6. Any decisions will be finalized and questioned by the board.
  7. First truck to pull has the option to re-pull which must be done immediately following your turn
  8. All pullers have the option to re-pull before the first 100ft mark.
  9. Chaining of axles is allowed with 1/2 inch chains or double up smaller chains.
  10. Pit gates open at 2:30pm. Drivers/Trucks must be in the pit area by 5:50 pm when gates will be closed.
  11. Drivers must attend the meeting at 5:30pm in the pit area before the pull.
  12. Top 3 in every class will be included in a class pull off, winner of class will compete in King Of Hill.
  13. Hitch height must meet compliance with hitch technicians.
  14. Once hitch is placed on your truck, we are not responsible for any damage, driver must ok installment before leaving.
  16. If you can't back your truck up to the sled you don't pull.
  17. Trucks must be registered by 11:00 am Saturday. Truck Pull Registration is located at the registration trailer.
  18. NO KIDS UNDER HE AGE OF 14 in the pit area

Download Rules of Engagement (pdf)


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